mystery book covers
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mystery book covers

11 Jan mystery book covers

Price $90.00. PSYCHIC MYSTERIES 1007 $ 300.00. The composition of the texts and the images seem just right. COZY BOOK COVER 1012 (SET OF 2) $ 200.00. 47. With that in mind, we went back through the year in books with an eye on the covers. There are hundreds of cover templates for the mystery genre and thousands for all the others! The lettering of the title is delightful and is perfectly placed in the middle of the page and inside the dog illustration. Add to cart. Add to cart. Add to Cart. Here we got you covered with thousands of Mystery Book Cover. So if I’m in the mood to read about cross stitching or making candles, I might look more closely at the book. Add to cart. Long, Hot, Witchy Summer (A Moonstone Bay Cozy Mystery Book 7) Amanda M. Lee. Covering every genre from romance to fantasy. With Live Build, Preview and 3D Rendering. Once you find a template that works, you can easily customize it. A fun an d light-hearted cover for this reprint of Jason’s first long-form graphic novel, in which a detective meets a woman who has a lost cat, and, in true noir fashion, nothing is as it seems. As an example, this title from Gregory Mcdonald, features some brilliant kidnapping novels appearing for the first time in three decades and the pulp art design certainly takes the reader to the period. Bright, rusty font type and illustration placed on top a dark background creates a bold visual experience. Just like these fake book covers that parody the originals? I will create a wonderful cozy mystery cover for your novel. The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping by Keigo Higashino. Premade Book Covers - . With a touch of surrealism, the illustration blends various scenes and key elements of the story in one single image. Colors pop out of the surface, yet there are gentle and inviting. But McGinnis is among the small group of artists who defined how America saw itself in the 50s and 60 through his book cover illustrations, movie posters, and his prolific, award-winning artwork which spans more than six decades. A Superior Death (Anna Pigeon Mysteries Book 2) Nevada Barr. With Live Build, Preview and 3D Rendering. The Dying Detective by Leif GW Persson. By just looking at the portrait on the cover, one can feel that this is a deeply personal story. The lead character, Kyle Broder, is an editor at a major publishing house so the choice of a stack of books as the background is a sensible choice. Each book cover is 100% exclusive and sold only once! 48. The result is a beautiful cover background which symbolizes the chattered trust between the two key characters. Critical reviews and essays by Mystery Tribune contributors and editors on modern crime fiction, genre icons, crime movies and more. The 53 Best Mystery and Thriller Book Covers of 2017. Book Cover Artistry is run by author Heather Hamilton-Senter who is based in … Their prices start at $50 per cover. A lot of times, the design is simply made up of the book’s title and author’s name printed in super-large font size against a single-color background. And this combination also gives it a minimalist feel. Death in St. Petersburg by Tasha Alexander, Your email address will not be published. This is a gallery of available premade Cozy Mystery books covers, ranging in themes from Culinary Cozy Mystery, Animal themes as well as Paranormal Witch Cozy Mystery book cover designs. WITCH MYSTERIES 1011 (SET OF 3) $ 300.00. Add to Cart. The Weight of This World by David Joy, 23. All designs are composite images made up of various stock images so that the cover is unique. The cover per se is a work of fine art. The design which has an earthy background makes a bold and elegant statement. ... Price $50.00. Add to Cart. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. Kindle Edition. And if you have a stash of drafts of horror tales, you don’t have to wait for the Halloween season to share them. A simple yet powerful design which pops out of the cover, few of our author colleagues found this a very catchy design. We usually send an email once or twice a month, with updates on our new stories and projects. No matter what fiction book cover ideas you have in mind, we’ve got you covered. She has a serious expression. With warm colors and light, these images invite your readers into the seemingly peaceful location of your story. Premade Book Covers - Premade , Mystery; Thriller Book Covers - . I add new covers when I find time between custom orders, and when I get new stock images to use. 4.4 out of 5 stars 322. The combination of simplicity, contained complexity, eye-pleasing background color and iconic font type make this a lovely cover. Price $35.00. The illustration is also beautiful. The design is elegant and minimal. Cozy mystery covers are showing a trend toward picturesque landscapes and idyllic scenery—think Thomas Kinkade artwork. $4.99 #16. Add to cart. However, it is usually the bad ass ones like raven, hawk, or leopards who make it to the cover: It’s never the kangaroo! Price $220.00. Collection of Premade Book Covers for Thriller, Crime, Mystery and Suspense genres. This cover is yet another prime example which shows if, as a designer, you want to use the man wearing the hat and trench coat on the cover, there are smart ways of doing it. Thanks to all the artists who made these books possible. I have some ideas for colors to try out. All designs are only sold once. Shop by Category. Mystery and thriller book covers are usually very monotonous and this is not the fault of the designer: It just comes with the territory. The sun is setting or rising and the background is yellow, orange and pink. I will be referencing some of the best cozy mystery book covers out there and make sure that your cover has a quirky and fun look to it that any reader would not be able to resist. 37. Lists about: Best Crime & Mystery Books, Best Twists, I AM IN LOVE !! Crystal Widow: Patricia A. Bremmer. Premade Romance Best Mistake Ever. Thousands of unique premade mystery book covers created by professional designers. In picking the best covers, beside intangible factors, we particularly paid attention to the choice of colors and fonts, their size and composition and the relevance to the idea behind the plot or general theme of the book. An excellent minimal book cover design with bright red color as a background which makes this book stand out from the rest on the shelf. The gentle zebra-like curves really make this book stand out on the shelf compared to other typical covers. Mystery and thriller book covers are usually very monotonous and this is not the fault of the designer: It just comes with the territory. The Twelve Deaths of Christmas Marian Babson. Reviewing Murder By The Book By Claire Harman, Mike Maguire’s Journey Into Noir Photography World. The placement of a brain and a skull in the bottom and top of the cover captures this idea very well. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the loop on the best of mystery art and writing. Book Cover Artistry. Thousands of unique premade thriller & suspense book covers created by professional designers. It gives the reader a creepy feeling about potential captivity of some characters. Besides the novel idea, the choice of colors are smart and inviting to the eyes. This horror book cover features an illustration of a skull on fire. The black and white composition and the positioning the image on a negative film really captures the context of the story very well. The type choice and the fact that it almost looks like a child-like hand-drawn font makes this book cover more authentic. Mystery Book Cover Design Share Tweet Pin It +1 StumbleIt. Add to Cart. And besides focusing on curating lost noir masterpieces, one popular element of their titles is their stunning original cover art in the grand pulp style. This striking text-driven design is executed beautifully by placing the title vertically in the middle of the page. This is an accessible template. The designer has taken a simple portrait, broken it into few pieces and rearranged it in an asymmetrical way. The choice of geometrical shapes in creating the portrait of the robot on the cover, reminded us of what our own designers have occasionally done in our print edition. 4.4 out of 5 stars 5,394. All designs are only sold once. Both fiction and non fiction covers. Absolutely brilliant merging of the title text and image. The placement of the type for the title and author’s name is so visually creative and pleasing. This is a cozy mystery and the friendly tone that font type sets really conveys this feeling. For the year 2017, the process for picking up the best mystery and thriller book covers involved searching through 1000+ covers (we kid you not!) Keep in mind that the numbering is for referencing purposes only and doesn’t imply a ranking. And the red color also implicitly sends a signal to the reader that this is a bad-ass book. The Lost Girls of Devon Barbara O'Neal. This is the first of Jacques Tardi’s four major graphic novel adaptations of legendary French crime writer Léo Malet’s original “Nestor Burma” novels ― in this one, Burma avenges the death of an old anarchist friend. Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. This is another great example of using minimalism in book cover design. A lot of times, the design is simply made up of the book’s title and author’s name printed in super-large font size against a single-color background.

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