wd easystore reddit
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wd easystore reddit

11 Jan wd easystore reddit

6x8TB Shucked WD Easystore RAIDZ2 Supermicro 16GB SATA DOM Seasonic SS-660XP2. Easystore WD 10TB Drive Shuck #3 Be sure you get the drive manufactured in Thailand not China. List of all WD firmware and software available for download. The Thailand drives have a 256mb cache and the China ones are allegedly only 128mb. I'm stumped. Second part is the potential quality issues. It runs hot so if you get the same drive you need good cooling. $171.99 $ 171. It's in the top 3 bestselling external hard drives and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Glyph BlackBox Pro or Seagate Expansion 3TB.. WD Easystore Desktop … The average transfer speed for a 2.0 USB is 60MB per second. Close. This necessitated me to shuck my drive before I could test it, as running badblocks on it without knowing whether there are any bad sectors registered is meaningless. There is speculation of the EMFZ being a downgraded ultrastar ie. WD external drive issue of disconnect and reconnect is hardware, not software. Easystore WD 10TB Drive Shuck #2. My Easystore drive is not recognized by WD Backup in Windows 10. I guess the difference remains a mystery between WD80EMAZ and WD80EZAZ. It appears that WD Backup is not installing on my machine. This. You won’t find it […] How to Back up Data to WD Easystore or My Passport. Or perhaps that's already in the calculations in determining a warranty price. This is probably why at times there's sales on these drives because influx of more "failed" drives. Go. Picked up one of the 10TB Easystores on sale today. Upon correcting wiring, all drives powered on except WD easy stores. For enclosure drives, it probably doesn't matter so much. Welp, ended up with a WD80EZAZ, wouldn't power up in a Norco 4224 due to 3.3v, so I dug an Xacto knife into the end of pin3 on the drive and broke it off. Easystore appears to be a simple USB HDD. For the 10TB I'd pay $160. Furthermore I have 5 read errors already just 200 hours powered on.. USB bridge does not allow SMART data to be read. danb35 Wizened Sage. The WD My Passport and the WD Easystore come with WD Discovery Software. See More Options. 183 comments. Yes indeed. D. djdwosk97 Senior Member. WD Easystore Desktop was released last year in February. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm using red/white 8TB drives in an unraid array. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. It develops, manufactures and provides storage devices, data center systems, and cloud storage services to solve the evolving needs of the information technology industry. Now I have it formatted and visible as NTFS, but there's a 300MB EFI Partition that I'm unable to remove... EDIT 2: Plugged it back into the Mac Pro, and it shows up in Disk Utility but is unmountable. Packing Information. WD Easystore vs Elements: Which Western Digital is Better? The WD My Passport and the WD Easystore come with WD Discovery Software. Regards, Guy WD Discovery software can also be used to manage your drive settings like reformatting, LED control and more. Using a 3.0 USB, this is increased to 625MB per second. Any thoughts? WD Discovery Software. Anyway, the drive has been running great for the past 1400 power-on hours, with the past 100 hours on a Supermicro-LSI host bus adaptor. Learn more with 37 Questions and 99 Answers for WD - easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black I recently purchased a Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB. I need to buy a few new drives and was ready to buy a couple My Book’s from Best Buy when I noticed that all of a sudden they sell new WD drives under the “Easystore” label. 4.7 (5,625) 1-6 of 6 Answers. High capacity With up to 14TB 1 capacity, there’s plenty of storage space.. Reformatted it ExFAT in OSX, plugged it back in to Windows and at least I could edit it with Disk Manager this time. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. This is reddit, after all. Hope they are shuckable. When you shuck, or remove, the internal disk from a Western Digital Easystore external drive, you'll find either a red label or a white label internal disk. 8TB Western Digital Red 3.5 inch End Of Life. It seems like the read error I encountered earlier was a fluke as SMART data has been impeccable since, assuming we can trust the SMART data. I can’t get any of the WD software to lock this 4TB drive. The only way for this drive to fail a SMART test is for it to fail atrribute 22, 2 or 8. Bummer. 8TB's, 10TB's, and beyond. Bestbuy WD Easystore 14TB shucked. Edit 1: Anyway, something strange happened. Anybody seen this happen before? I found this out from a YouTube video by JDM_WAAT published on 7/26/2017 titled "Western Digital Easystore 8TB (WD Red inside) unboxing and shucking. I haven't masked that off yet, but didn't think it would be necessary in a USB dock... EDIT: Plugged it into a Mac Pro -- still didn't show any partitions. WD Discovery Software. Oct 19, 2019 #8 For the 8TB I'd pay $130. One of the key things that you need to consider when you buy a hard drive is the capacity. Non helium, CMR. Any thoughts? Does anyone know which is correct . You can use the Windows’ Supported Software given below for the drive. All shucked WD drives share a common HGST part number reference: US7S***. After shucking and installed directly to motherboard, both of these methods worked. It could one of several types even. Best Buy is a US firm trading in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Drive failures? Western Digital 8TB EASYSTORE External HDD (WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN) 4.5 out of 5 stars 145. To start with, the WD Easystore range of hard drives are only available through Best Buy. It's sought after by many r/datahoarder folks because it often (but not always) contains a WD Red 8TB drive which can be "shucked" and used in a home server among other similarly shucked Easystore drives. The attribute 1 (raw read error SMART value) jumped to 5 only after fio random writes. Shop WD easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive Black at Best Buy. Some could be enterprise drives that don't meet other standards and modified accordingly. Seagate puts the low cost SMR disks above 8TB in their externals which WD cannot compete with, unless they also lower their prices. I plugged one into my laptop and it showed only 465GB of available space right from the get-go. Performance-wise, it is most similar to the red 12TB at least. Recently I began to think it was the connector on the drive so I was thinking of checking if i could replace the power supply board. So, I shucked a 12TB WD easystore last week. Hi, I just purchased a 4TB Easystore drive and as far as I can tell there is no way to lock it. This means that the Easystore isn’t officially available outside of these countries, as the product is exclusive to Best Buy." FreeNAS 12.0-U1 Xeon E3-1230 V2 32 GB ECC RAM 38 TB usable space, 12 disk RAIDZ2 Intel EXPI9301CTBLK NIC. Difference Between WD Elements and My Passport. 368k members in the DataHoarder community. I guess "you get what you pay for" applies here, no free lunch :.. Western Digital Corporation, also known as Western Digital and WD, is a famous American computer hard disk manufacturer and provider of various data storage solutions. This flag made it work and I can enable TLER on my shucked drive at each boot. 72 = 7200 RPM. Posted by 1 year ago. I need to buy a few new drives and was ready to buy a couple My Book’s from Best Buy when I noticed that all of a sudden they sell new WD drives under the “Easystore” label. There could be another reason for the sale price. Were you checking the smart data on Windows or another OS? So, if you also own a MyCloud, I’d look to the software that WD supply to support the MyCloud; Smartware. I have a 2TB and a 1TB MyBook and they lock easily with the software provided. Many could probably be 7200RPM drives clocked down to 5400RPM because they didn't pass 7200RPM quality checks. We are looking at the 4TB capacity hard drive. Just choose one based on your actual situations. So, I shucked a 12TB WD easystore last week. Universal connectivity Today, we're going to fix the 3.3V pin problem that can prevent your Western Digital white label drives from working in some computers. Last edited: Oct 17, 2019. It remains to be seen what drive this is from. This is a one day "Shell Shocker" sale. The drives are sold as a component of a larger product. Both the WD My Passport and WD Easystore can be connected via USB 2.0 and high-speed USN 3.0. That’s about $30 off what it normally sells for and $80 off its MSRP. In the end any drive can fail, thats one of the reasons why many of us have backups and some sort of RAID. Hi all. Joined Mar 22, 2015 Messages 3,961. Could it be a WD140EFFX 14TB red firmware locked to 12TB? I was getting around 50C until I improved the cooling and now its 37C. The other drives are Seagate models, I'd assume I'd hit the 3.3V pin feature, but I'm using a molex without the 3.3v to power the drive cage so that is impossible. WD Easystore External Discussion. Part 2: My concerns regarding the quality of WD drive. You'll need to be subscribed to their Shell Shocker emails (if you're not already) to be able to redeem the promo code which is 93XPE38. Oct 17, 2019 #7 “Sale” R. ReturnedSword Active Member. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 1299 reviews. However I believe it could also be a WD120EFAX 12TB red or WD140EFFX 14TB red firmware locked to 12TB . Last year the 10TB came out … Initially I plugged it in straight out of the box, started running a sector test on it but gave up about 7 or 8 hours in. The extreme low thresholds of 001 and 000 mean that SMART warnings will never be triggered unless the health of the attribute drops below 1% or 0% from the initial normalised 100% values. I installed a new 1TB My Passport Ultra along with all the WD utilities on a Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit) SP1 machine. Just choose one based on your actual situations. 630 votes and 434 comments so far on Reddit. ... W = Western Digital. Hi, I just purchased a 4TB Easystore drive and as far as I can tell there is no way to lock it. This is a helium-filled 256MB cache drive, like the WD Red 10TB solution. If you need a terabyte of storage, which is pretty difficult for the average user to completely fill up (unless you’re a media junkie and have hard disks packed with movies and music), you can get an Easystore 1 TB for only $50. How mysterious.. Im aware that the drives may be the drives that had problems to pass the QA.But since i still get three years warranty im fine with that. I had to pass the "-d sat" parameter to smartctl before it would return any SMART data. Product Overview; Warranty; Reviews; Q & A; 3.5" 8TB WD RED HDD. Thanks for the link. I'm on the lookout for drives to shuck, I'd love to hold out for the 14 TBs, but I don't know what to hold out for. BIG MISTAKE. Regards, Guy List of all WD firmware and software available for download. To put that in perspective, an average 90-minute Netflix video is 2.4GB. To start with, the WD Easystore range of hard drives are only available through Best Buy. I can’t get any of the WD software to lock this 4TB drive. A white label WD120EMFZ (commonly referred to as EMFZ). I have admin rights on this machine. Or connect the Easystore to the MyCloud and use Safepoint/Backup to backup the MyCloud to the Easystore. Step 2: The Symptom. I went to the WD site and it didnt show anything about rotational speed. Using a 3.0 USB, this is increased to 625MB per second. They have these in addition to the latest My book and Passport models that they have sold since late last year. I mean, imo the odds these white label drives are partial QA failures is pretty high, and in a weird way not the worst business practice - they're sold with worse warranties than their internal cousins/brothers but for sometimes half the cost. In addition to the WD Red NAS drives that the company previously admitted used SMR tech, WD is also shipping the tech into its 2.5"and 3.5" WD Blue and 2.5" WD Black lineups. That’s about $30 off what it usually sells for and $80 off its MSRP. I went into Disk Management and tried to reformat it (wiping it clean and reformatting in exfat and NTFS). SKU: 6252688. I've needed to do that for most external drives. This is equal to 4,096GB. We are looking at the 4TB capacity hard drive. Ford … Still, while the random read and write speeds of the 4TB model I was sent for review were very much in line (if not … Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. Just shucked my first WD Easystore drive - easy. I think it's more likely that these Easystore drives are WD colored label drives (red, blue, purple) with WD slapping a white label on it as inventory requires -- most straight forward way to do it. Was wondering why smartctl wasn’t working on my Synology. When I said exact same thing about 6 months ago I've got downvoted to hell because apparently most people think that the only reason WD sells those drives so cheap is because they have overproduction issues.

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